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Kinemaster Pro Mod APK Download 2019

Are you a Video professional and looking for an excellent and easy app? Well, you are at the right place. Kinemaster is an amazing video editing app with tons of features. It is a world widely super success and does not require any introduction. With the help of Kinemaster app, you can create and make an amazing video for your personal and professional use. It has two versions, one which is free for personal and less use and the second one which is premium available for professional use.

You might see restrictions in free version along with watermark on video wherewith the premium version ” Kinemaster Diamond ” you will unlock all the features without any type of limitation. Well, this is your choice to choose version but we always recommend to use a premium version to get the best from the app. If you are running out from the money or you are a newbie and don’t have enough money to purchase the Kinemaster Pro APK then there is one Mod version available to help you.

Mod version is nothing but a crack apk which allows you to use the app without any restrictions especially it removes “Made with Kinemaster” watermarks from edited video. If you don’t know watermark is a brand symbol which often use to stop piracy or to promote a particular brand or service. Please note we have not used mod version yet and we don’t recommend it as well but you can download it from this guide without any hassle. We’ll help you to install each available version on your Android and iOS devices later in this guide. For great experience download Kinemaster For PC Windows devices.

KineMaster Animation Tool

Kinemaster – Pro Video Editing app

Kinemaster is available for various platforms such as Android, iOS, PC, and Mac and offers many useful features. Below are some most popular ones.

  • Kinemaster Asset Store: This store helps you to download stickers, images, themes, effects, non-copyright music, and much more. This store is available within the app so you can easily download and use them on your video.
  • More than you need: Kinemaster offers everything you need to edit a video which includes Themes, Visual effect, Multiple Layers of video, Stickers, Handwriting, Photos, Animation styles and much more.
  • Control Feature: Control features are easy and it helps a lot of time of editor as well. You can control the speed and volume of your video. You can preview all the edit at the same time which helps to decide whether to continue or re-edit the change.
  • Color Contras: You can easily adjust the brightness and color contrast of the particular layer.
  • Audio and Video Filters: With the help of filters you can make a lot of changes in the voice and video. You can create numerous different audio clips with the help of this filter.
  • Above are just some popular features, much more are available on the app including Chroma Keys, Split Screens, 3D Transitions, Fades and more.
Kinemaster Pro APK Features

Kinemaster Pro APK Download

Name:Kinemaster pro
Category:Video Players & Editors
App Size80 MB
Supported Android VersionAndroid 5.0 & up
Latest UpdateNOV 2020
License TypeFree
Download LinkKinemaster Pro

How to Install Kinemaster Pro APK on Android

Installing Kinemaster Pro on your Android device is very easy and should not take more than 2 minutes. There is two way to install the app on your device. In the first one, you will download and install the app directly from the Play store and in the second one, you will have to download APK file from here and install it manually.

  • To manually install any third party app you will need to allow unknown permission from your device.
  • Go to Settings of your Android device
  • Click on Security
  • There you will find the Unknown Sources option. Click and Turn it on. Please note this setting are not the same for all the device so find according to your device’s Android version or You can directly search Unknown Sources option using the Search option in setting menu.
  • Once you enable that option successfully, Download the latest Kinemaster APK from above information box where we have placed a download link at the last.
  • Wait for the download to finish. Once it is downloaded, Go to the download folder where all downloaded files stores.
  • Click on KineMaster Pro APK file and it will launch the setup screen
  • Click on Install
  • Wait for a second and you will see Kinemaster installed on your device
  • Click on Done and Launch the app
Kinemaster Pro Mobile Video Editor

How to Remove Made with Kinemaster Watermark

If you are using Kinemaster and not much happy with Watermark issue then you may remove it without purchasing the premium version. Well, there is two way to do this. One where you will have to use Mod apk and in other option, you can remove within the app. You might think why to use Mod APK when we can remove watermark within the app. Well, There is some restriction on that option, you can’t use your own music.

Yes, Kinemaster is associated with Muserk in which if you are using any Muserk music track you will get video without watermark. There are tons of free music tracks are available on Kinemaster asset store to use. Just use any of track and watermark will be removed automatically.

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